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Firstly, please don’t be put off by a blog written by an accountant.


Having read an awful lot of blogs, forums and sales copy by other accountants, I understand how tedious paragraphs full of jargon and figures can be.


To be honest, I’ve never really understood why so many professional blogs are written this way. In my view the only people that need to know about a new deadline for capital allowance elections of loopholes for residential landlords are accountants….!’m not trying to make this blog interesting for them, I’m trying to make it interesting for you. Half of the client-accountant relationship should be based on the ability to digest the confusing & complicated jargon that can then be passed on to the client in a relevant and buzz-word free manner.


Finally, I hope you continue to read this blog. Accounting affects people only in business but tax affects all of us so hopefully there is something in this for everyone (for those that care about neither, I may also not be able to stop myself talking about sport every now and then!).


I will also encourage anyone with event the smallest query to contact me- if it’s relevant to you, it will definitely be relevant to someone else too so we may all learn something from this!


I hope you enjoy the start of my journey with me!

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